top L to R: running CG for church service  •  post-cycling workout selfie
bottom L to R: me as Dr. Faulkner, HS principal, between takes on the set of Lost, a local short film  •  2nd through last are of me on set as Joan Penner, rocker chick nursing home receptionist (my first film role!), in the movie, OFFBEAT (currently in post-production)
Possibly interesting facts about me:
• Indianapolis-based graphic designer/illustrator
• actress & aspiring filmmaker
• life-long learner in improving my knowledge and skills in graphic design/illustration,
3D modeling, animation, CG effects, acting, etc.
• widowed in 2013
• love my church and am an active, serving member
• love kayaking, bicycling, and seeing movies—especially with my new hubby, Charlie
• huge movie buff—especially super hero films
• a bit of a Britmaniac
• Owning a motorcycle is on my bucket list

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